Winners of CSIR and Gauteng Department of Roads & Transport Datathon

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Established to provide leading edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government

About Us

City2Africa was established in 2021and has a level 1 BBE status. We are a Software Development, Hardware Innovations and Promotions SMME company that is focused on innovative transportation technology in the Private, Public and Government sector to help the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change and the Promotion of Clean Mobility Solutions.

It is also aimed to inspire by creating a passion within the youth; particularly women; to turn their ideas into reality.

Our Business Activities & Professional Services



We conduct research on transport related software and technology activities and projects

Software Development

We develop Software technologies for the Private, Public and Government sector.

Transactional Portals

We design and development (transactional) portals exposing workflow-based e-services for customers, citizens and businesses

Combining Emerging Technologies

We combine emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Social Networks, Mobility, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data, and Big Data Management) in order to help organizations to meet their business strategy goals and benefit from the power of technology innovation

Defining IT Strategy

We define the IT Strategy, Infrastructure and overall Enterprise Architecture required for organizations and enterprises to support the efficient and effective achievement of their business objectives, ensuring the end-to-end IT security across the organization

Environmental Health

Promotion of environmentally friendly choices through the exhibition of green technologies and systems

Climate Change

Raising awareness of the impact of Climate change


Creating platforms for Government and Private Sector Partnerships and Collaboration


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  • We are customer centric
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